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The Furington offers both obedience training and gun dog training. With the 30 acres of country to train on, it is the perfect outdoor spot for your dog to start their gun training. Obedience training will be available at the facility with both our indoor and outdoor spaces being used.  Please call or text 952-484-8618 to set up an evaluation.  We use a balance training method to build solid foundation.  We customize our programs to fit our customers needs so please call or text for pricing and availability.  Ask about our new daycare training programs a convenient way to teach your dog a solid foundation and a day of playing and socializing.

Cost For Training Starts at $125 per Session

Intro to Bird and Gun

In this program your pup will be introduced to gun fire and birds. This programs objective is to teach and show pups the positive relationship between the birds and the gun. All work in this program will done on a longline to shape the dogs retrieve. This program is also a good evaluation of your pups hunting potential.

On Leash Obedience

2-4 week program

This program is the foundation work for anything you will do with your pup going forward. Recall will be started in this program but only with the leash on. This is a beginner program that sets a firm foundation. Dogs will be introduced to leash pressure and taught how to understand and navigate it. This program focuses on relationship building as well as basic on leash commands such as:

​ Sit - Down - Place - Heel - Kennel - No

Off Leash Obedience

4-6 week program

On leash obedience is required before advancing to off leash. In this program the dog will be taught how to respond and understand a communication collar. In this program your dog will advance there skills learned in the on leash program to be able to take them off leash. All of the above commands will be covered. In this program we work towards proofing a solid recall command.

Play and Train sessions 

Tuesday - Thursday only

Drop your dog off for a day of learning, socialization and kenneling. Your dog will work on its listening skills in a structured day care setting. Your pup will have 3 training sessions throughout the day. There will be mental enrichment options. Play and socialization with other pups and break times for your dog to rest relax and gear up for more fun!

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